For Our INTERplanetary and INTERgalactic Friends: Johannes Kepler

Published on 28 April 2019

Well, INTERspeech might sound attractive if you come from a different planet or even an exoplanet in a different solar system or galaxy, but how can we believe that spoken language is not just a curiosity of sole interest to us earthlings?

There is some anecdotal evidence that certain extra-terrestrials understand the value of speech technology to put together devices that allow them to “phone home”. And even the sounds of some alien languages have been documented – so here we go with our conference theme Crossroads of Speech and Language.

Given that we celebrate this year already the 50th anniversary of humans walking on the moon, we might expect all kind of interplanetary visitors in Graz. In particular, they might wish to find out who came up first with the laws of planetary motion: Johannes Kepler who spent 5 years as a teacher in 16th century Graz.