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This year’s edition of INTERSPEECH is special - on occasion of its twentieth anniversary we have added a few innovative features to its agenda. So let’s start with the (tentative - watch out for updates!) program at a glance (click on the images to download the weekly and daily schedules.)

Sunday starts as usual with a total of eight tutorials but after a full day of work you may join a guided walking tour “Graz Old Town on Foot” to relax and mingle with colleagues (groups of 25 per guide).

Monday has the opening session, the keynote by ISCA medalist Keiichi Tokuda, the ISCA General Assembly, and the Welcome Reception at the conference centre in the Messepark. And of course, in between there is lots of work and fun in the two technical session blocks, consisting of oral sessions, poster sessions, special sessions and challenges, show&tell demonstrations, and - our new highlight - survey presentations. These surveys will allow you to get an expert update on recent and current research in a specific topical field, don’t miss out on them, they will be scheduled at the beginning of one of the oral sessions in each technical session blocks and run for 30 minutes plus discussion.

The next two days have a keynote and three technical session blocks each, the student reception and a reviewer event, culminating on Wednesday in the Dancing Interpeech Soirée at the spectacular Congress Graz.

Finally, Thursday concludes with the last keynote and two technical session blocks, and the traditional closing session with an acknowledgement of all contributors and helpers, awards, glimpses of future INTERSPEECH locations, music, and a joyful atmosphere.

Several special events - like the novel INTERSPEECH hackathon, several student events and another first, the outreach event for high-school teachers - as well as the ISCA events are spread all over the week, starting with some satellite workshops already on Friday, Sep 13, and continuing well into the weekend of Sep 21-22.

For more details about the program, including the date, time, and location of events, please consult the Schedule page.

We hope that this will be a memorable event for all of you - enjoy!