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This call has been closed already. For the selected Surveys please visit the INTERSPEECH 2019 program.

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Survey Presentations

Interspeech is the annual flagship conference of the International Speech Communication Association (ISCA), which brings together a truly interdisciplinary group of experts from academia and industry to present and discuss the latest research, technology advances and scientific discoveries in a five-day event. As such Interspeech constantly innovates and adapts. Beyond plenary talks, oral and poster presentations recent years have seen new ideas on how to engage with experts and industry.

The 20th edition of Interspeech conferences, to take place in Graz, Austria, will introduce a range of new presentation formats. Given the complexity of speech communication science and technology the need for detailed technical review of sub-areas of research has become more critical than ever.

We invite proposals for innovative and engaging Research Survey Presentations. The talks are aimed to be scheduled at the start of suitable oral presentation sessions, and will be allocated a 40-minute time slot for presentation and discussion. Presentations should aim to give an overview of the state of the art for a specific topic covered by one or more of the main technical areas of Interspeech 2019, namely

  1. Speech Perception, Production and Acquisition
  2. Phonetics, Phonology, and Prosody
  3. Analysis of Paralinguistics in Speech and Language
  4. Speaker and Language Identification
  5. Analysis of Speech and Audio Signals
  6. Speech Coding and Enhancement
  7. Speech Synthesis and Spoken Language Generation
  8. Speech Recognition — Signal Processing, Acoustic Modeling, Robustness, Adaptation
  9. Speech Recognition — Architecture, Search, and Linguistic Components
  10. Speech Recognition — Technologies and Systems for New Applications
  11. Spoken Dialog Systems and Analysis of Conversation
  12. Spoken Language Processing — Translation, Information Retrieval, Summarization, Resources and Evaluation

Proposals for Survey Presentations are required to include

Proposals will be evaluated by the technical programme and organising committees for relevance and significance, taking balance across areas and the available presentation slots into account (maximum 10 presentations). The presenters of the Interspeech 2019 survey talks will be invited to submit survey papers to the ISCA supported journals of Computer, Speech and Language and Speech Communication with the aim to be included in a Special Issue on the State of the Art in Speech Science and Technology.

Survey presentation proposers are invited to submit a proposal via email to the Technical Program Chairs: tpc-chairs@interspeech2019.org no later than Friday May 12, 2019. Please do not hesitate to contact the technical chairs for any questions that may arise prior to proposal submission.  Notification of selection is scheduled for June 17, 2019.

Thomas Hain and Björn Schuller
INTERSPEECH 2019 Technical Program Chairs