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Where to Eat

Lunch Options

Our lunch breaks are always 90 minutes. We recommend three options for your lunch which all offer good value for money:

  1. Use one of the lunch areas in the conference center. Two of these areas will be set up at either side of the Main Hall on the lower level, another smaller one can be accessed right outside Halls 1 and 2 on the upper level, and a fourth area is a little walk beyond the registration desk and offers (limited) patio seating.
  2. Walk a maximum of fifteen minutes to one of several simple restaurants, snack places, and grocery stores clearly marked on our lunch map.
  3. Take the tram 4 from stop “Stadthalle” or tram 5 from stop “Jakominigürtel” and you reach the OldTown at “Hauptplatz” in 7 minutes where you have plenty of options to choose from.

The chairman’s choice

To keep up with all of our exciting scientific and social program, our participants need to make sure that their batteries are always fully charged. You will see, here in Graz nothing could be easier! To give you some ideas, here is a list of personal favorites – small, cozy places where to eat, drink, and meet locals. With conference attendees flooding our town, reservations will be a must. Note that these places are scattered across town, so you may visit them in the evening or before and after the conference, only few are within easy reach to be considered as lunch options. For the more fashionable and top culinary places, please check out Graz Tourism.

Regional food from Styria
  • Café Phoenix — 8 minutes walk from the conference center, have a simple lunch in their home-style backyard and enroll for philosophy classes
  • Moserhofstub'n — simple Styrian cuisine, 15 minutes walk from the conference center, don’t be surprised if you meet a funeral party (located next to a city cemetery)
  • Ferl — where the civil servants from the Land Steiermark provincial government have their lunch
  • Stoffbauer — a relaxed farmhouse on the hills a little off the center
  • Laufke
  • Gerüchteküche (“rumours’ kitchen”) — be ready for a surprise, always regional, seasonal, and different
Italian & Croatian
  • Enoteca — a family from Sicily invites you to their tiny wine cellar, but they cook fantastic food for you too
  • Capperi — another Italian family place, mostly antipasti and pasta, no main courses
  • Pizzaiolola verace pizza napoletana
  • Pizzata — a small restaurant with specialities from the region of Liguria
  • Casa Costiera — the Adriatic Sea comes to Graz from original locations in Caorle
  • Kornati — Croatia is our close neighbor, and again the Adriatic Sea is here, this time its Eastern coastline
Coffee shops and bars
  • Café Fotter — also called “Lecture Hall F” by the students, don’t forget to try Kubin-style scrambled eggs. Maybe some family member of the chairman spends more time in this Lecture Hall than others
  • Tribekatrink besseren Kaffee or still a reminiscence of Tribeca?
  • Martin Auer — best bakery in town, several outlets throughout the city
  • Culture Exchange — a coffee and integrated bicycle repair shop
  • Scherbe
  • La Meskla
  • Park House — music in the park, hangout for the young
  • Café Purberg — a posh villa from 1858 with a gardener’s shop and a pond, depending on season go there for boating or ice skating
Games, Burgers, Bar
  • Office Pub — wanna play a pub game?
  • Brot & Spiele — play a round of pool, snooker, darts, or chess and enjoy one of 130 beers from all over the world (steaks and burgers, too)
  • Freigeist — creative burgers, advance booking is a must
  • Kirby’s American Kitchen — Poke bowls, salads and real burgers
Vegetarian food
  • Mangolds vis-a-vis
  • Ginko
Beyond Europe
  • Toshiaki Yamamoto — the best sushi master in town, tiny bar in the center, so be sure to get a reservation. The owner has recently opened a garden restaurant on Ruckerlberg, a great additional offer combined with Styrian traditionals
  • Caylend — you always wanted to go to the Cayman Islands and only made it to Graz? An upscale fine dining experience
  • Liu Asia — Chinese food outside China? This is a challenge. Reasonably well taken here
  • Mumbai Cuisine — authentic Indian food, great for take-away
  • Safran Restaurant Café — Iranian food by an Iranian family, go for it!

Last but not least, please enjoy the following video by Janet Newenham on “Graz - Austria’s Culinary Capital”: